Sandy Barlett

Sandy Barlett
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Having a coach, both in business and life, can provide a clear insight that may be obscured without outside observation.

Stairway 2 Dreams provides direction to assist in

Stairway 2 Dreams founder Sandy Bartlett has committed over 24 years of experience in business, strategic direction and management. Her experience has afforded her the insight into what drives individuals & teams. Having studied at one of Australia’s leading coaching institutes, Sandy has gathered the reputation as Macarthur’s leading business and personal life coach.

Sandy’s passion lies in self-actualisation and personal fulfilment. Her compassion allows her to identify underlying issues both organisationally and personally. Those identified problem areas are challenged by a clear and focused strategy. This strategy is used to create goals that will stimulate transformation.

The Stairway 2 Dreams process will lead you down a path of self-realisation, beginning with identifying your direction in life and refining this direction into a strategic roadmap to fulfilment.

"Believe in yourself - If you don’t believe in yourself how can we ask others to believe in us".